What Fences are on the fast track approval list

Fencing materials that are typically quickly approved are listed below

SIMTEK – Ashland collection





Fencing replacement needs Architectural approval, unless a simple repair is being made.

Fence locations
To harmonize with the neighborhood. The objective is to avoid us looking like other non-HOA lots that are fenced in or enclosed, lowering our home values. Fences should be set back from the front of the home and in no way protrude into the front yard. Corner lots, although some fencing today is grand fathered in, should have a fence no closer than 12 ft from the road. If so it should be an open type fence like the wrought look.

Always work with the Architectural committee if you have any questions on fencing or other changes to your home or lot. Same as repairs and upkeep do not need approvals.

Thank you for helping us make OUR HOA the best it can be!