Rules and regulations (CC&R)

Through out the year our HOA is revived to make sure we are following our covenants.  This is to make sure our neighborhood looks better than those surrounding us.  This in turn elevates the values of our homes.  The CC&Rs make sure that one bad apple does not affect the value of the surrounding homes.  If a violation occurs and initial letter goes our asking for corrective measures.  If no action takes place then fines followed by a lien on the home.   The HOA does NOT want to give out fines so please when in doubt about any project just reach out to the architectural committee Kurt Kohler at

Current CC&R’s

Some easy things that catch us all that are easy fixes
Garbage cans left in view of from the street
Unkempt yards, weeds, dead spots, dead trees
Painted trim around window and especially garage doors that is flaking