Road Work Scheduled For October 24 through October 26, 2016


The HOA has contracted with an asphalt contractor to make repairs to several road location on both sides of Highland Drive. The work will affect traffic flow in different areas on different days but is not expected to entirely block access to any home or area. Some roads with multiple inlets may have one road blocked temporarily. The work is primarily removing sunken sections of pavement, adding new roadbase and putting new asphalt over the repairs. Unless weather delays the work, it should be completed by end of day on October 26.

Meeting October 20, 2016 at 7:00pm at Clubhouse re: Proposed Homes at 20th East and Oak Manor Drive. This is a proposed addition to our HOA


Proposed Final Layout

south-property      House Elevations

Preliminary Layout                                                                 Proposed Home Styles

Garbett Homes is proposing to add seven new homes at this location. This plan is preliminary only and has several issues that would need to be resolved before approval by the City. It is also likely this project would need to become part of our community to gain approval by the City.

Buyers of these homes would have to pay to the HOA a currently undetermined amount at purchase in order to satisfy the equity requirements of our HOA property interests. They would then become full members of the HOA, paying dues and using our amenities.

The Board is generally in favor of this project for several reasons including completion of Oak Manor Drive east of 20th East, eliminating potential unwanted commercial uses on the site, elimination of the weed problem and having architectural control over the new construction.

If you have any concerns or questions about this project please contact a Board Member for more information.

Summer Barbecue

In August the Homeowners Association hosted a barbecue for members to meet each other and enjoy the good weather. About 100 residents and family members attended. The event was organized by members Jim and Janet Hood. They personally delivered fliers to every home in the association. We look forward to further get-togethers where we can make new friends.

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Amended Declaration to the CC&Rs

The Board has prepared an amended declaration to the the CC&Rs. This project was undertaken to bring our CC&Rs up-to-date due to recent changes in legislation and to clean up the architectural standards. The current CC&Rs have great emphasis on the parameters for new home construction and much of the language is obsolete because new homes are not being constructed in our community. Additionally, the proposed amended declaration adds language to restrict the rental of homes. There are hardship and charity work exceptions which are explained in section 6.12. Please take some time to review the amended declaration in the link below:

Amended Declarations

Approval of the amended declaration requires a vote. Ballots will eventually be distributed and be posted on line. Board members will also be going door-to-door in the neighborhood to collect votes.