Welcome to our community!


Road closures will begin each affected start day at 7:30 am and the section of roads will remain closed until approximately 5:00 pm the following day.

The work being done includes crack seal and a complete seal coat. This is the work recommended by multiple asphalt companies who have inspected our roads, to extend the useful life of the roads we currently have.

See the handouts that were mailed and/or attached to every doorway this weekend for more details.


Due to issues related to age of the old system, we have had to change key systems at the clubhouse and pool. The system is entirely new and will not interface with the old system. The new keys are the card-type, as opposed to the older key fob system. Property owners only may pick up new keys at: Community Management, 11238 Wyngate Lane, Sandy, UT, between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm M-F. You must bring proof of identity to be issued a new key. Keys will NOT be issued to renters or minors. Per HOA Rules, if you as a homeowner wish to allow a renter to use your key, you must make that designation, in writing, to the HOA at the Community Management office listed above.  In order to fairly provide for access to HOA facilities, renters may NOT share access to common area facilities with property owners. If you designate a renter to use your key that designation carries over to all commonly owned HOA facilities such as the tennis court, the clubhouse and the racquet ball court and cannot be changed more than once in a six-month period. Violations of this rule will result in suspension of your key privileges. The new keys will also allow the HOA to better track those gaining access to our shared facilities as we monitor usage and vandalism.

New security cameras are also being installed. These will assist the board and Community Management in monitoring unauthorized activity and access at the clubhouse and pool.


We are experiencing a disappointing number of cars being parked overnight on our streets, or left sticking out from driveways into our traffic lanes. Both of these things are prohibited in the Hidden Oaks Community by virtue of our CC&R’s. As you may have noticed, our streets are narrow. They are also private streets, meaning they belong to the HOA, not to Sandy City. Parking on our narrow streets causes serious safety problems, not to mention the lack of consideration shown to other neighbors by cars blocking neighbors mailboxes and driveways. Be aware that cars parked overnight on the street, particularly between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am, may be towed without notice. This regulation (under section 6.22) applies to Hidden Oaks streets year-round. You may receive an orange  courtesy sticker on a first indication of a parking violation, or you may not. If your car is towed you will then have to deal with the towing company to get your car back. The Board has outsourced this work to a local towing company to help insure compliance. If your car is towed call Community Management for details about what you can do to recover your car at (801) 571-5388 before storage fees become burdensome.

In an effort to foster better communication between all of us, the Hidden Oaks Board of Directors has created this website.  We hope that you will enjoy having the ability to contact us with better ease and we look forward to the benefits of a more efficient way of communicating with you.



The speed limit in our community is 15 mph.  Please drive accordingly.

Please remember, vehicles are not permitted to park on sidewalks or on lawns within our community at any time.  If you see this occurring, please contact Community Management at 801-571-5597.

Check out the section entitled NEWS! for updates on what’s happening in the community.

We as Board members want to thank and commend all of the homeowners who have been working diligently to maintain their property and to help keep our community looking beautiful.  We especially commend those of you who have helped your neighbors to maintain their properties. We are so grateful for all of your hard work; your efforts affect our entire community in a positive way.

We are always interested in your input.  If you have questions, concerns or praises to share with us please e-mail them to:  hoa@visithiddenoaks.com

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